Mac Miller in Mexico?

You would be surprised how many people love Mac Miller in Guadalajara! Since I arrived I met two really interesting people, believe it or not they were there to see the same person! The craziest part is that they came specifically for “Soulmate” too! Anyways I feel as if Mac is so humble for preforming in a concert as simple as that! In a sense that there are artist who don’t even touch or visit Mexico so right on! Track list for the show went as follows:


2.Brand Name

3.100 Grandkids





8.Bird Call

9.Break the Law

10.Watching Movies





15.Best Day Ever

16.God is fair/ Sexy nasty


18.Knock Knock

19.When in Rome

A person who truly knows how to give an outstanding show, so so simple but very exciting. He really knows how to keep an audience going aside from not knowing any Spanish! Started off powerfully with Cinderella and what a way to start, felt as if every soul on the floor was singing along! Watching this live was like listening to the songs straight from the CD. We were all on the tips of our toes while he put the introduction to Soulmate as it gradually gets to the drop of the song he switched it over to weekend which tore my heart because that was the only song I actually really died to hear, but it wasn’t all bad because he continued with another of my favorites! The whole set up was delightful, I feel as if it was a pattern of hype/love/hype/love & hype at the end. I couldn’t have asked for more I will definitely see him again if he comes… ​

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-O @Thewnote


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