Hofstra Concert Presents: Battle for Music Fest!

Who is performing at Hofstra’s Spring Fest you ask? Well Friday night’s performances have the answer!

On March 10th, 5 groups went head-to-head for a chance to perform at the university’s Spring Festival in April. We got a taste of rap, metal, and indy rock.

The night started off with The Last Great Kings, a band that quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. They captivated us by playing in harmony but also rocking out!

Next up was BowTie Fridays. One thing most people didn’t notice about their songs is the play on words. They included the word “bowtie” within each track and managed to play at this battle on a Friday. Their humorous approach to music was very interesting to watch.

BowTie Fridays

Third on the stage was Misty Mountains, a metal band of 3. The bassist had the crowd chanting his name.

Misty Mountains

“Joe Joe Joe Joe!”

The guitarist (on vocals) did the longest solo I’ve ever heard. However, the one who really took everyone’s breath away was Erik, the drummer. His long hair and intense drum playing hooked the audience.

Kallista Knight, a student, said, “My favorite group was the misty mountain, I thought they had interesting music that was easy to dance to and the artists looked like they where having as much fun as the audience members.”

K$P was next up. Their rap duo is a mix of poetry and simple background melodies. They made a strong impression by finishing each other’s sentences as they walked all over the stage.


The last act really connected with the audience. “The Wave” was a lot of people’s favorite act and it showed for he won the competition! His rapping style mixed with neon lights flowed together.

The Wave

When asked about his performance, The Wave said, “to prepare for the performance and decide what songs I wanted to do, I actually immersed myself in my music and didn’t listen to anything but my own songs and instrumentals for a day and then sat down with my closest friends here at Hofstra to decide exactly what I should perform.”


A lot of people put work went into set design and the event production. From the neon lights behind the Wave, to the speakers’ volume during Misty Mountain’s performance, someone had to think every about every detail.

As a Hofstra Concerts Advertising Chairperson, Megan Byrd said the event production was “as good as it could be. I kind of wish there weren’t chairs, and everyone just stood like a real concert, but that’s not very practical at campus events. The lights were awesome! They’re color strobes that sync with the beat of the music which is sick.”


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