NO DIVIDE- A Sticky Film by Rhys Day


Sticky Fingers music video


As the first Sticky Fingers music video published in months, director Rhys Day’s “No Divide” managed to capture moments of the band undivided. There’s something captivating about seeing artists in their natural form: goofing off with friends, or making a funny call in front of Niagara Falls.


A pool calmly symbolizes the band’s hectic lives from hotel room to hotel room.  The chanting reminds me of those FIFA World Cup soccer games that my uncle watches religiously.


What’s genuine about Sticky Fingers is that they never take themselves too seriously. I think that’s why they’ve been able to work with each other for so long.


However, problems always arise.


Tension between members took over their lives just as it did in the film: that’s when Day decided to play the song. He built up to the music. It’s as if he knew a guy on fire would be the perfect entrance into visual contrast.  


Red fire and blue hands is absolutely genius; they’re contrasting chaos and harmony. At one point lead vocalist Dylan Frost sings, “Open up what’s on your mind” while a person on fire casually sits on a refrigerator.


There’s also an innocent looking little girl that waves goodbye to the guy on fire. She seems out of place under her neon-pink spotlight because everything around her is so intensely dark.


and then it starts to rain.

Maybe the rain is there to put out the man’s fire.  


At the end, one of the band members walks away from the camera; this is especially captivating if the audience has seen their other videos (they usually walk towards the camera). Does this mean a change in direction is on its way? Stay tuned.


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