Yoga, Inc. 2007

Yoga, Inc

What issues & definitions of yoga does the film raise/use? 

One issue raised in the film is whether or not competition in yoga is a good idea. The idea behind competing in yoga tournaments is so hypocritical. Bikram said that contestants are not competing against each other but over their own bodies and spirits in order to improve themselves; however, that is a way of inflating one’s ego. Meanwhile, yoga offers a way into self-awareness as a way to deflates one’s ego. George Litcher, co-owner of Yoga Works Studios, says that “There always has to be a winner and I don’t know how you deem that someone has reached enlightenment faster than someone in lane three”. Nowadays, yoga is so commercialized. We see t-shirts and mats and classes sold like fast food. Yoga has been sold to people who don’t know anything about it but want only the physical benefits or maybe they want to be enlightened in the same amount of time that they get fast food at the drive-through. It’s that kind of fast pace American lifestyle that takes away the rich culture of something just to put a price of it and sell it to an ignorant society. One statement that hit me hard though was that the US didn’t allow Indians to immigrate here from the mid 1920’s to the 1960’s. When they saw that they could use them to market a product for the hippie generation, that’s when the US let Indians settle here again.


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