I’m Ready to watch the Apocalypse Unfold Tonight While I Eat Some Cake

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

“In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell

Tonight we vote on America’s Next Top Candidate! Yes, election day is here and the fear is real. After months of “he said, she said” we finally pick a president. With just hours away from the final scores, millions of people sit at home, wondering where the future of this nation is headed. I, as a Hispanic Millennial, understand that this election will impact me and my loved ones.

There’s just so much change. If we take a look at the media, we can see a few of these changes. We’re living in a post-postmodern world where whatever sells, goes. The news networks cover only what gives them rating and in order to do so, they stretch out one story as much as possible so that they have things to talk about when they get back from their extensive commercial breaks. Not to mention their political interests give hints of bias in the work they feed viewers.

Now about the candidates themselves, people are saying they voted for “the lesser of two evils”. Most people actually hate both candidates! What a time to be alive! There’s so much hate that I am genuinely afraid to go outside tonight and be amongst people whose hate controls their actions. It shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t be scared of the future our ELECTED candidates will we us: we should be looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the people of this nation have put themselves between a sword and a wall.

This is frightening. The CNN map is so so red it looks like the fire nation is attacking and the Avatar (Obama) can’t help us this time.

I keep seeing these posts about LGBTQIA, Hispanic, and African American voters who are supporting Trump. All I can think of is “trees voting for deforestation”.

He has 167 electoral votes and she has 122. I should move to Canada; Justin Trudeau wouldn’t treat me this way.

He might actually win.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

He won. My classmates are gathered outside listening to each other’s stories of why they fear for their future. Today’s so sad that even the sky is crying. Please stay safe.

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