A Halloweekend in College

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How is Halloween really celebrated by college students? I went undercover to find out. FullSizeRender.jpgThis will be the first of many social experiments to see how people look and act in order to be perceived as “cool”. In order to truly be undercover, I dressed up and went out with friends. This would be my first real halloween since I grew up in a very religious household that didn’t allow this kind of celebration. We wanted to go all out so we dressed up as glow-in-the-dark Sharkboy and Lavagirl. This way, people would recognize us as the characters from their childhood.

We started the night off in a friend’s room. While many interesting people like Monica Lewinsky, Bill and Hillary Clinton were taking shots, I sipped some fruit punch. After all, how can you get the job done on a clouded mind?


As we walked out of the building and headed to our first frat house of the night, we heard a girl giggling. She was taking a picture of us! The first of many. I asked her to send it to me so I could use it for my blog.

At the frat house, I experienced a lot of typical college party moments. For example, boys had to pay $5 but girls got in free. Also, a few guys were getting into an argument until half of them walked away because they had run out of things to say. It was over some game. I believe it’s called “beer pong”. Just then, Captain America ran over and told us we were “slaying” him so hard that he came in as Captain America and would leave as dead Captain America. The guy really worshiped us for putting so much effort into our costumes.

IMG_6528.JPGThe only thing I really enjoyed was the neon light aesthetic in the living room. Even my friends liked those. The music was another story. They were playing songs for 15 seconds each like they couldn’t make up their minds on what they wanted to hear!

My group was tired and hungry so we headed off to Popeyes, the closest fast food place we could find. It was a parade of costumes in there. I had never seen so many cats in my life. At least five girls started screaming and asking us if they could take our pictures; that’s when we realized we were going to be Snapchat famous for the night.

After a break at Popeyes, we went to another house party. This one was surprisingly louder and more in your face than the last one. People were kissing left and right. Others were twerking and a few just stood around looking “cool”.


We stayed in the backyard this time. Someone was projecting lights onto trees so they’d glow: again with the neon aesthetic. I remember asking my friend why there were boys walking alone into the bushes. Apparently they had drank a little too much.

That’s when I realized it was time to go home and put this project to rest.

After a night of being Lavagirl, I have come to the conclusion that the character is very well received. After all, I was only mistaken for a power ranger once.

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