If You Look to the Right You’ll See New York. If You Look Really Hard, You’ll See it’s Autumn.

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It’s October in New York and we can barely tell it’s fall. “By this time a couple of years ago, we already had snow!” Nicholas McDuffie, a New York native, recalls. However, there is definitely a change in climate this year. On Friday, it rained a bit. In these few pictures I managed to capture the beginning stages of autumn in mid-October.

I wanted to start off with the “fall” aspect to show how everything from leaves to flower pedals to temperature is falling. The bright pink color of the pedal is a final reminder that summer is over.

As shown in the second photograph, flowers too get rained over. This represents how around this time, the beautiful, fully blossomed flowers get rained on a few times before dying. I wanted to captivate light in this picture because summer reminds people of the sunlight, which is a bit absent in the following pictures.

The third photograph is the most accurate representation of the “story of fall”. As you look at this leaf, you notice its color is changing. You might be able to tell that it is still attached to its tree, meaning it’s not quite ready to fall but it will be soon. In other words, this image represents how long this process is. How autumn is taking a much longer time to be “autumn”. Moreover, rain plays a big part in how we feel about this picture. It brings a kind of sad, dark and cold feel to the photograph. When I took this picture, I was walking through a wet version of everyday nature.

The two girls walking are my friends. We were in the Lower East Side, walking around trying to find a coffee shop. You can tell there’s movement in this picture from the way their feet are a little blurry but I think the best part is the leaves. We were walking on dead leaves and thinking about that immediately takes my mind to autumn. The grey skies do the same. I loved that cold, breezy walk through New York.

Finally, the last picture was taken when we found an amazing little coffee shop. They sold fraps with fresh doughnuts placed on top. The brown colors contrast a lot to the green and pinks in the earlier photographs. It shows the end of the “story of fall”. A person’s coffee often shows what the weather is like outside. My friends both got cold drinks while I had a warmer foamy cappuccino; I guess I was the only one who thought it was cold outside.

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