DJ Khaled’s New “Do You Mind” Video Features Big Artists and His Infamous Snapchat Advice

Serenading his way to the hearts of fans, DJ Khaled acts for his new music video “Do You Mind”. The song features collaborators such as Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Future, Rick Ross, Jeremih, and August Alsina. The famous faces make the video. However, he doesn’t use that many lyrics because they repeat a lot. The visuals are also very repetitive and the main message is split between lots of his quotes. If you have ever watched DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story, you’d know this music video is another one of those stories. He says the same phrases he does on snapchat, but this time he is applying them to his song.


The video begins with a fight between DJ Khaled and his love interest inside their mansion. Then it moves into him playing piano while Nicki Minaj raps in her lingerie. Jeremih and Chris Brown sing from a beautiful moonlit pool scene and the camera cuts from artist to artist. DJ Khaled and his girl are then seen in an extravagant garden. Rick Ross also makes an appearance with Future and lots of gorgeous women.


The luxurious vibe is quite obvious throughout the video as well as the expensive lifestyle that Khaled wants to portray. There are many products being sold to the audience throughout the video. For example, Beats headphones and Ciroc vodka. This advertising strategy is very popular and often used with big artist.


Moreover, he’s gained mass popularity for his advice in his Snapchat videos, so it is understandable that he’d use this tactic again. Surprisingly there wasn’t much advertisement for this video so they had to use big names to attract viewers.

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