Hillary vs. Donald vs. Lester vs. Literally Everyone Else

It’s 1:22 am on a school night and I just witnessed history. I got a ticket to go see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the first presidential debate of 2016.

Here are some notes I took.

First, I’d like to give credit to Lester Holt for doing exactly what was expected of him as the moderator. He tried his best to keep the candidates from taking too much time answering questions: especially when they got off topic.  However, he could have done a better job at interrupting them in order to continue.

As for the audience, it was really simple; We were supposed to stay quiet. Unfortunately, the audience can’t follow rules. So part of the reason the debate ran long was because of the very opinionated seat fillers.

When Hillary and Trump come out, they both looked very presentable. It is expected that both candidates will attack each other with all they have, but what happened on that stage last night was something far greater than anything imaginable. It was funny actually. The kind of funny you get when one person thinks they’re in a debate and the other thinks they’re in a reality show. Hillary has been a debater since high school, so when she spoke she chose words very carefully and tried to take up as much time as possible. However, Trump’s tone sounded like he was saying whatever popped into his mind at the moment. In fact he claims there was a problem with his microphone for it was hard to hear him at times, but if you listen carefully you can tell his voice is only soft when he is defending himself. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want the audience to hear what he has to say about his mistakes. Moreover, when he was attacking Hillary, his voice roared through the stadium. At least Hillary owned up to her mistakes. She had her own flaws of course, but it’s better to face the consequences than to pretend they’re not there.

The debate was really just a comedy show staring two angry kindergarteners pointing at each other and telling the teacher it was the other kid’s fault.

The media covered this way-too-long-for-Lester-Holt-to-not-get-a-migraine debate all night and responses to it were very interesting. As I walked home, I continuously overheard students joking around about how the U.S has no future and how this was all a waste of time.

This is history.

This is what will shape our future and if we’re not paying attention now, we could contribute to the destruction of this nation. Tonight, an estimated 100 million viewers tuned in to see these two talk about race, the economy, global warming, national security and a just about everything in between. This is the kind of mass media coverage that changes lives. However, watching networks comment on the debate showed a kind of one-sided view on things. For example, Fox was turned on in my building’s tv and they kept talking about Trump’s now-famous line “I will release my tax returns when she releases her emails”. They focused on him yelling about her emails, but wouldn’t pay attention to the countless times he couldn’t defend himself against his own actions. Thanks for those incredibly unbiased and very professional views Fox. If anything, we should take a look at our news networks to see if they’re really working for “the people” or if they just have their eyes on ratings. As Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel said, “I think that in the present culture of politics, it ends up being not about a fully follow able line of thought. It’s more unfortunately about appearance. What appears to be self-confident. What appears to be knowing where you are heading and that makes a real challenge.”



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