My School is Hosting the Presidential Debate

On September 26, 2016, my school, Hofstra University will host the first presidential debate. In preparation, there are countless banners being put up and emails sent out to remind everyone of the upcoming event. Students are warned to be alert at all times because anything can happen when presidential nominees visit campus. Also, many changes are being made to accommodate students and visitors. One new rule is that no one can stay in the dorms unless they have a current Hofstra ID. This is just one of many to ensure safety across campus. Moreover, any student who wants to attend the actual debate must enter their name in a lottery so that tickets are given completely at random. This was a suggestion from the Commission of Presidential Debates (CPD), also known as the non-profit organization that decides how the debate is produced. I’ve actually seen these decisions being made. There was a group of people walking around with clipboards talking about how to place chairs and where speakers will wait to be called to the podium. However, the commission can’t do it all themselves so they let volunteers help out with anything from photography to the media aspects of it all. Students from the communications department are encouraged to help out in return for the experience and connections that will be made. It’s not just students making a difference, speakers from the White House and from news organizations are having their own podium time. Voices like Sally Kohn, a CNN political commentator, and David Axelrod, President Obama’s Chief Strategist during campaigns, have each been given dates to come speak at my university. The debate gives everyone here at Hofstra an opportunity to learn about the work put in behind the camera and to make a difference that will benefit our future. Predictions are being made that this will be the most watched presidential debate of all time. As Hillary and Trump make their way to campus, so will their supporters. That is why security has been upgraded and precautions are being taken. To anyone that will be at Hofstra during this time I say be careful and try to take part in the opportunities presented.



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  1. What an exciting opportunity for you and fellow students!


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